Seriously the best plant based dressings and cheese spreads. I live for their Chive & Garlic cashew spread. Better than real cream cheese in my opinion.


About Us

We’re on a mission to connect with people through food and do as much good as possible!

It started in Mellisa's home kitchen as a weekend farmers market hustle. Just to earn some extra money so she could take some time off from her 9-5 to figure out what she really wanted to do with her life. She knew she wanted to be contributing to something meaningful, something that focused on sustainability. She wanted to inspire others by doing as much good as possible, but she had no idea what that would look like. Little did she know that her dream job was so close she could taste it. 


Direct Trade

We want to do good in this world, just like you. And we believe that starts with good food. This doesn’t just mean good quality. To us it also means knowing where our food comes from. That's why we support sustainable growing practices and fair treatment of the farmers who work so hard to provide us with good food. We source our fresh vegetables from local farms in B.C. Our coconut oil supplier micro source their coconut products, working only with small family run farms instead of large plantations that cause deforestation problems. And we have partnered directly with cashew farmers in Vietnam, because when we support those farmers, they can support their communities as well, spreading the good all around.

Community Support

Healthy Kids For A Healthy Future

Growing children require regularly available food, but many B.C. families struggle to put food on the table every day. That’s why we help fill the weekend hunger gap - a time when children go without the support of school breakfast and lunch programs - by providing meals and snacks for the weekend directly to those who need them.

Too many kids don’t know where food comes from or have access to healthy, whole food. We’re on a mission to change that. With your help we’ve taught more than 9,000 kids about where food comes from and got them excited to eat real, healthy food.

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