Our Ingredients

We want to do good in this world, just like you. And we believe that starts with good food.

This doesn’t just mean good quality.

To us it also means knowing where our food comes from. That's why we support sustainable growing practices and fair treatment of the farmers who work so hard to provide us with good food. We source our fresh vegetables from local farms in B.C. Our coconut oil supplier micro source their coconut products, working only with small family run farms instead of large plantations that cause deforestation problems. And we have partnered directly with cashew farmers in Vietnam, because when we support those farmers, they can support their communities as well, spreading the good all around.



There is zero irrigation of cashew farms

Annual 3rd party social audit

Health insurance for farmers and families

Technical assistance and training from agronomists

Partnered with customers to build out and improve facilities with schools in the rural areas where the cashews are grown



Micro sourced from coconut farms that are family owned and operated

Exclusively purchased from farms that use sustainable farming practices



Direct trade is less of an organization and more of a method or ideology. It is a type of sourcing where manufacturers buy direct-ly from farmers.

This method of trade came about as a way to address some of the pitfalls of fair trade practices. This includes exchanging higher premiums for higher quality goods, ensuring that both the farmers (who are getting paid more) and the consumers (who are getting better products) are happy.