We Changed The Packaging Here's Why

Thank you guys for all the compliments on the new packaging. That graphic design course I took a while back came in handy after all! But some of you have also expressed concerns about how the switch to a cardboard sleeve might affect the environment, so here’s a little explainer and a chance for you to weigh in further:


There are certain labeling laws for type size and information that I wasn't meeting with my old stickers and I didn't have the room to increase / include things using my old labels. So I had to make a change and after careful consideration and research I choose to go with the cardboard sleeve.


It turns out the cardboard sleeves are actually more environmentally friendly than the waterproof stickers I was using before. There are the same number of packaging pieces even though things might look a little different. The sleeves are made of 100% recycled paper and printed with vegetable-based inks so they are 100% biodegradable / recyclable.  

I originally didn't want to include a sticker on the top at all since getting the sleeve but after taking others’ opinions into consideration I decided to try it out. The reason was because people said once it was in the fridge it would be hard to tell what it was. What are your thought on this? Part of me wants to eliminate the top sticker altogether now that all the info is on the sleeve. I was thinking of doing a simple printed lid instead. Would you guys prefer that?


The new top plastic seal is replacing the side tamper-evident snap, which makes the dip last longer without adding preservatives. This will help cut down on food waste. The seal is also recyclable. The old small plastic tamper-evident snap piece I worry ends up lost in the landfill or worse in our waterways. The seal felt like the better choice.


I really care about the environment. It’s our most precious ally. Whenever I have to make a decision like this I always ask three questions. 1. Is it good for the environment? 2. Is it good for the body? 3. Overall does it feel like the right thing to do, not the easy thing but the right thing?


Having a small growing business comes with responsibilities and I truly want to be the change I wish to see in the world. At the kitchen facility where I make Spread'Em we are almost zero waste. We compost and recycle everything, I mean everything! The only waste is from the disposable hairnets and gloves. We even use cloth towels and communicate with our suppliers to cut down on shipping waste. I'm learning as I go but I always put the environment and real food first when making decisions.


I really want to build the type of company that has open dialogue and transparency with the people who have invested in me by buying the dips and who trust me to supply them with good food. I look at all the angles and do my research when changes have to be made. I will always be accountable and open to discussion. Thanks so much for your time. Please keep reaching out with your concerns and ideas, it’s the best way we can improve this little creation of ours!