Mushroom & Carrot Toasty

Mushroom & Carrot Toasty

Mushroom & Carrot Toasty



This is crazzzzzzzzy good! I’ve tried it a few different ways and they are all delicious

Variations: 1. Carrot dip, mushroom, green onion 2. Carrot dip, mushroom, cheese 3. Carrot dip & mushroom 4. Carrot dip, smoked tofu, mushroom

I used persian flat bread this time but you can use anything you want rice crackers, seed bread, zucchini strips…use your imagination.

It’s really simple and quick to make, I’m talking under five minute!

The picture pretty much says it all but I’ll write it down for you anyway…

2 slices of persian flat bread
2 or 3 mushrooms, brown button, white, chanterelles, lobster, oyster… whatever you like.
Carrot dip ( cashew, chili, lime)
Green onion sliced nice and tight
Olive oil
Marble cheese if you want

I sliced the mushrooms really thin and sauteed them in a bit of olive oil, no salt no pepper.
Spread a healthy amount of the carrot dip on one side of the bread, add the mushrooms, green onion then the cheese and put the other side of the bread on and close her up. In the same pan you sauteed the mushrooms in, don’t clean it, warm the sandwich up till the cheese is melty and the outside crispy a little. That’s it, enjoy! Eat with a nice hefty salad with greens, chick peas, radish and sauerkraut or a warm bowl of soup.

Cool thing about the carrot dip is that it’s high in Vitamin A, Iron and Copper and B vitamins. Which makes you see better and look younger and sexier!

Here’s one I made on a rice cracker


Enjoy yourself today!