Our Products

We have 2 styles to choose from: Cashew Dips and Cashews Cheeze

Cashew Dips: A combination of fresh veggies, roasted cashews,
sunflower seeds, herbs and spices.


  • Beet – This natural bright pink dip uses the sweet flavour of beets and balances it with balsamic and creamy cashew for just the right balance of natural sweetness and a tangy zip!


  • Cilantro – This raw dip combines cilantro with sunflower seeds, lemon juice and garlic. A very powerful tasting dip not for the faint of heart.


  • Spicy Carrot – Carrot combined with a blend of spices, fresh ginger and roasted cashew it starts off sweet fills in with a bit of tang and finishes with a kick!

Fermented Cashew Cheeze: Mixed with herbs, spices and fresh veggies. Spread it! Or use warm as a sauce or cold as a dip!


  • Jalapeno Cashew Cream Cheeze – Combines the flavours of fresh jalapeno and lemon, not too spicy and lots of cheezy depth! You can really taste the freshness.


  • Chive & Garlic Cashew Cream Cheeze – A dairy free cheese alternative this classic combination combines the flavours of chive, garlic and lemon.


  • Turmeric & Black pepper with lemon zest – This is like a lemon pepper with a twist! Lots of zip and finishes with a warm turmeric finish


  • Garlic Tzatziki – This is our version of a dairy-free tzatziki! You can’t tell the difference and it’s good on everything!


  • Spinach & Artichoke – This classic will satisfy all your nostalgic cravings for a good old fashioned party dip or sandwich spread. A great addition to any cheese board!


  • Porcini & Dill – This bright flavour of fresh dill dances on your tongue while the umami of the porcini leaves you wanting more.


  • Nacho Cheeze – This will satisfy your deepest desire for spicy orange cheeze to dip your corn chips. A hit at any party.