• Brand New Plant-Based Cheeses Are Now For Sale At Major Ontario Grocery Stores

    For many people who are lactose-intolerant, people who eat a vegan diet, or people who are just trying to eat a little healthier, cheese is one of the hardest things to have to go without.

  • 5 Allergy-Friendly Spreads for Back to School

    If you’re in Canada we also highly recommend the amazing cashew-based flavours from Spread ‘Em Kitchen Co

  • Local Spread’Em Kitchen makes a good alternative to hummus

    As much as we love hummus, it can get a bit boring.


    Spread’em Kitchen creates vegetable spreads that add a kick of flavour to your meal or as a snack.

  • Interview with Mellisa Mills of Spread’Em Kitchen

    Following our interview with Mellisa, we will show you a recipe using a personal favourite – the beet dip


    Something hot pink caught my eye while browsing a tidy row of refrigerated products at Organic Acres Market

  • Eat Local Spotlight: Spread'Em Kitchen

    The local food movement is on the rise in Vancouver.

  • Vendor Spotlight: Spread’em Kitchen

    Winner of Silver BC Food Processors Association’s 2017 Product of the Year Award, meet Mellisa Mills of Vancouver, BC.

  • Interview with Spread 'Em Kitchen Founder Mellisa Mills

    Like many of you, it was love at first bite when we tried Spread'Em Kitchen's dips. It was the beet cashew spread that first caught out attention and pretty soon we were addicted to all of her products.

  • Spotlight on Spread’em Kitchen: Start Small, Dream Big!

    Mellisa Mills didn’t start her company, Spread’em Kitchen, in the most traditional sense either. From looking to just earning some extra money on the side, she has grown tremendously since then.

  • Super Bowl Food Ideas for a Healthy Super Bowl Sunday

    Take your standard chips and dip to a whole new flavour level with Spread’Em Kitchen.


    Here’s my take on a healthier version. Instead of cream cheese, I used Spread ‘Em Kitchen vegan cashew chive & garlic cheese spread, which TBH, doesn’t even make me miss the cream cheese.

  • Spread’Em Turmeric & Pepper Cashew Spread & Asparagus Gluten-Free Flatbread

    Today’s recipe is screaming SPRING! We paired our gluten-free TGFC Flatbreads with Spread’em Spreads (they are seriously so good and local!)

  • Getting to know Spread'em Kitchen

    Spread'em started with an idea, a blender and a cargo bike.