About Spread'em Kitchen

SPREAD ‘EM KITCHEN ™ makes healthy, clean label cultured nut-based dips and cheeze that serve a growing need in Canadian households for fresh and delicious dairy free alternatives.

Our products are carefully crafted with whole food, minimally processed ingredients. The result is craveable dips and spreads that are appealing to the whole family.

Our customers love SPREAD’EM KITCHEN for its outstanding taste and unique flavour combinations but they keep buying it because it also makes them feel good.


Meet Mellisa!

With a lifetime of plant-based experiences under her belt and naturally entrepreneurial, Mellisa Mills has some serious veg cred. In the lively hub of her family's kitchen, she got into the culinary game at an early age. 

Later, her DIY spirit and curiosity about nutrition and plant medicine combined with her high-standards for quality ingredients to create Spread’Em Kitchen. Mellisa is in command of the innovation and develops recipes with equal pillars of nutrition and taste, drawing from world flavours inspired by her extensive travels. 

She passionately spearheads the company’s community and sustainability initiatives and is also a creative magician who shares the vision and communicates the voice of Spread’Em Kitchen. Mellisa holds a class of 2019 certificate in advanced dairy cheese making from Washington State University and a certificate in holistic nutrition. 

How it started & how it's going


Points of difference:

Flavour: Unique combinations, intensity

Clean ingredients: Whole-food sourced, minimally processed

Probiotic: Laboratory tested

is to inspire wellness, connect people through food and do as much good as possible along the way.

To build a high satiety, natural snack brand among consumers dissatisfied with bland, boring flavours and cheap processed ingredients in the dip and alt cheese category

The magic of flavour

Don’t forget to have fun! Food is joyous, exciting and delicious. Looking at life with the glass half-full. Every day is an opportunity to be better than the day before. Life is about the journey. Explore. Be curious. 

The magic of the human body

What you eat has the power to reprogram your genes. What?! Say that again!? Food is not just calories or energy; food is information, instructions that upgrade or downgrade your biology with every bite.

The magic of the human spirit

Taking care means that we celebrate and appreciate the beauty and the messiness of being human. We approach our interactions through the lens of “ I am you, you are me”  

We take care of our customers by offering nutrition and taste.We take care of our employees by creating a nurturing work environment where people can thrive and prosper. Taking care also means making sure our supplier partnerships are in alignment with our views on ethical business practices where everyone's winner.