The Meadow


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Maureen Friesen
A Favorite

This cheese is amazing on rice crackers or sourdough bread.

The Meadow

I received a number of your products as a Christmas present. When they had been completely consumed, I ordered more from Sav-On Foods in Richmond. More delicious eating! However, SOF had a selection of only two items so I went to the company website and ordered from there. Although this review is titled The Meadow, all of the products were delicious. I will definitely be re-ordering. Of special note, I do not have any particular dietary restrictions such as a non-dairy or vegan diet. The products just have a superior taste to other cheese products and dips which are on the market. Now, if I could only entice the company to produce the blueberry cheese which I received at Christmas, I would be thrilled even more.

Megan Henwood
Mouldy before expiry

Purchased the meadow and was excited to try, upon opening noticed a large portion was mouldy though it didn’t expire for another few weeks. Reached out to the company via Instagram and email to which they just didn’t respond. Wouldn’t recommend and won’t be buying again.

kathleen s Dunham
Meadow cheeze block

My daughter and I were in Ottawa and found this in the supermarket. It was the best vegan cheeze we have ever had. So happy you do mail order!

Carole Robert

Love your spreads, herb and garlic is remarkable . I have one to my sister in law. She fell in love, better than cheese.