Cheeze Block Bundle


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Erica Rochette
So Good!

I love all four of the flavours. I bought the bundle to give all four flavours a shot and they are so good. The Classic is the best vegan cheese I've tried, the Meadow is amazing and I'm so obsessed I've already bought another one, the Big Smoke is great on a sandwich or burger, and the Delight tastes great with a hint of heat and very subtle sweetness. I highly recommend!

I really like the subscription bundle

The block cheezes are my favourite and now I don't have to search for them at the store (which is over 1 hour away). Great service and convenience and tasty cheeze.

Jodi Jackman
Nearly all so selicious

Satisfied with 90% of my items!

Fromage Homage

The words rang sharply in my mind,
“No more cheese or you’ll go blind,”
I wept with anger, how unfair
To take away my Camembert

A decade passed, all joy was lost
I searched for Cheeze, no mind the cost
It all just paled in compare
I had lost my Camembert

Until one day I heard a knock
and opened up the cashew block
I ate it all and ordered more—
I cared not if I fit through door—
My joy returned, my palate sated
How many ways could it be plated?

And so my cheese-less journey ends
I’ve lost my pants but gained a friend
I end this review quite artfully:
This cheeze inspires poetry